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Warranties and Liabilities

It is always Examcollection's foremost priorities to develop the content of this website clear, accurate and non ambiguous and also that it is up to the required mark. If anyhow there is any kind of flaw or fragmentation in the material Examcollection will not be held responsible. The content on the website is developed in the best faith to make sure that quality standards are met even though Examcollection is not held responsible for the trustworthiness of the information neither will the company be responsible for updated information. Examcollection will also not be responsible for maintaining high levels of accuracy.

The development this website is done by certain web servers which are not guaranteed to be entirely virus free so it is advised that you take all the possible precautionary measures to be on the safer side. Before downloading run a virus scan on the file(s) that you wish to download. It is also stated that the content present on the website must not be taken as expert advice and having said that Examcollection eradicates all the assertions pertaining to the use of this particular website.

Furthermore, Examcollection holds legal imperviousness regarding the potential damages which can be caused by the use of this website including indirect, direct, substantial or special loss. Every kind of loss is inculcated in the category of failures for which the client will be fully responsible whether it is loss of benevolence, loss of status, loss of professional standing, result and information.

Examcollection's Copyright Law

Every picture, document, graph or content and Examcollection's website itself has been protected by copyright law. It should be noted that any infractions will be considered criminal actions and can be treated with strict legal action.

High end content living up to the highest quality standards is developed wholly and solely by Examcollection itself and so it is the individual property of Examcollection.

It should be noted that all the partnerships of Examcollection are explicitly discussed over the website and there are no hidden partnerships regarding any of its products, material and content.

Trade Names

Every logo and trade name present on the website, every demo, document, product, Study Guide is the brand name of their respective owners.

Privacy policy

This policy pertains to all those steps which are taken for ensuring that any of your personal or financial information that you might give us for registration or any purchase is protected.

It is one of the foremost responsibilities of Examcollection that all your personal information is kept strictly confidential. Any information that you give us will be kept under covers and will not be shared with any third party. Any information that the website may demand from you while signing up is strictly for identification procedures and thus this information will be used in accordance with the parameters set by this privacy policy.

Examcollection is at the liberty to modify or even change any of its policies with the requirement of the time. So it is highly recommended for you to visit the site more often to keep yourself updated with the recent changes.

Information demanded by Examcollection

Only your name and email address are required for the registration process.

Why is this information required?

It is our concern that we understand all your requirements which will then help us in deciding the relevant products and content for you. Following are our principal concerns:

·         Maintenance of internal records of Examcollection's website

·         To help us improve our products by the knowledge we get from the information that you provide

·         The information that you provide will also help us in sending you promotional emails which will be entirely according to your interest for the purpose of enlightening you with the latest special offer or any other piece of information we deem will be of your interest.

·         It is our main priority that all our customers are satisfied to their utmost. In lieu of that statement we might use your contact information for doing market researches. These researches in return will help us in improving and enhancing the quality of our products and our content to your liking.


The security of your information is the responsibility of Examcollection thus the company is liable for securing your credentials and information. To ensure this security Examcollection has came up with a fool proof procedure by securing your information from both technological and human fronts. The fool proof system contains strong managerial actions as well as strong electronic actions to ensure that your information is kept safe.

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Cookies are a common sight when surfing the web. The cookies are used to save your consent in your pc. A similar kind of cookie is offered by Examcollection which will be saved on your hard drive. Cookie is an amazingly useful file because it assists in maintaining your records pertaining to the traffic. It also helps different pages and applications to react and interact with you as an individual and to take care of your preferences. This will consequently result in modified applications according to your requirements and preferences.

Examcollection requires cookies to become aware of the websites that their clients visit most frequently. This knowledge helps exam collection develop new products and improve existing ones according to your liking. It should be in your knowledge that this information is used for an overall analysis and will be deleted safely once it's used.

The cookies will let us know of your choices and so you will be able to visit a website which is very close to your imagination of a perfect website. These cookies also let us know of your favorite page.

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Our clients allow you to restrict information access as per your contentment.

·         You will be provided with a box that you can always uncheck at the end of survey pages to refrain us from using your information for any sort of marketing and promotional purposes.

·         You can let us know about changing your preference by emailing us at

Examcollection is responsible for securing your personal information. This information will never be shared with any other third party without your prior consent. You might get promotional emails of third parties just for the purpose of providing you with the information and offers which suit you best.